New Producer Projects

We are always looking for new producers and new products, and at present we are negotiating possible Fairtrade development projects with  different development organisations and consortiums under UNDP’s Resilience Programme. “Activities under the Resilience programme is usually agriculture based, but we are confident, that we can add an alternative income to the farmer groups by … Continue reading New Producer Projects

New Range

New Range in Wood and Stone for Setting the table. See our new square bowls or the serving boards in Mukwa and servingStones in springstone and green opal and combine with the Salad Spoons in hard wood. All hand made by the some of the best artisans and sculptors in Zimbabwe.   Continue reading New Range

Exhibition at the National Gallery April – 9th May 2016

The National Gallery of Zimbabwe will run a month long exhibition with HOUSE BY THE SEA design products. The exhibition, called: Fair Danish Design, will showwcase products that came out of design workshops held with Danish designers and Zimbabwean Shona art sculptors. HOUSE BY THE SEA facilitated the unique collaboration to exchange knowledge, skills and … Continue reading Exhibition at the National Gallery April – 9th May 2016

Scandinavian Design in Africa

That which has never come within the scope of our really pitifully meager world-experience cannot be—our finite minds cannot grasp that which may not exist in accordance with the conditions which obtain about us upon the outside of the insignificant grain of dust which wends its tiny way among the bowlders of the universe—the speck of moist dirt we so proudly call the World. Continue reading Scandinavian Design in Africa